“In court, the only thing that matters is the jury”

Michael S. Williams spent over a dozen years in California law enforcement. For several years, he was assigned to the multi-agency Major Crimes Violators Task Force in Los Angeles specializing in surveillance and covert sting operations. For over thirty years he has provided investigative and consulting services to the public and private sector specializing in fraud, embezzlement, workplace violence and fatal traffic investigations. For over ten years, he was a lead instructor for the National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI). He served twice as the chair of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). He is a well known public speaker on security, investigation and emergency planning issues throughout California. He is co-host of the radio show Community Alert on KZSB – AM 1290 covering all aspects of public safety issues and a bi-monthly columnist for the Santa-Barbara News-Press.

Williams is a member of California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA), having served on the volunteer and public relations committees, and as a Southern Division Deputy Director. He is active with several local organizations including the Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council, the Santa Barbara County Fire Chief’s Training Officer’s Association, Santa Barbara Chapter of CAER and the Santa Barbara County Executive CERT Committee. In 2008, he was appointed to the California State Board of Fire Services representing (CSFA) and the volunteer firefighters of California. Williams serves as the President-Executive Director of the Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) and the Wildland Residents Association, Inc.-San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department, in Santa Barbara. He is currently chair of Emergency Public Information Communicators (EPIC) for the Santa Barbara County Operational Area.

Brian Griffin has been a forensic scientist specializing in the reconstruction of motor-vehicle accidents for criminal and civil cases for over twenty years. He is experienced in the collection, preservation and analysis of many types of physical evidence from traffic collisions. Griffin has offered expert testimony in both civil and criminal cases.

Griffin graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor of Science-Forensic Science program of the School of Public Health. He earned a certificates in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction from the Northwestern Traffic Institute and has received accreditation in accident reconstruction from the Accreditation Commission for Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR 332).

Mark A. Ward has over thirty years of commercial broadcast experience and over twenty-five years of law enforcement experience with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department and the Lompoc Police Department. Ward’s forensic work has included the Santa Barbara County District Attorney, the Santa Barbara Police Department, the University of California Police Department, the Santa Maria Police Department, the Ventura County District Attorney and Sheriff’s Department, the San Luis Obispo District Attorney and Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, among others. His assignments have included Major Crimes and Property Crimes detective. Ward has worked many very high profile criminal investigations, as well as providing forensic audio enhancement of both analog and digital recordings for trial. He is a graduate of the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-West, Digital Enhancements of Audio for Law Enforcement School.

Ward is currently providing forensic audio services for both criminal and civil trials. In his spare time, he is a well know radio personality in the Santa Barbara area, producing radio commercials and public service announcements.

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